On being bothered

The following was written in response to a friend asking that I write about what bothers me.
What bothers me is being bothered. I want to be at peace. I want to go into the world in a state of happiness or joy. I don’t want to be angry or to be constantly nibbled at by one of its lesser forms. I want to be settled. I want to be happy with what I see around me. I want to feel fit, to feel I’m a good fit, to feel I am in my right place, both safe and stimulated.
So I attempt to minimize things in my life that bother me. This in turn bothers other people. A bothering chain or dominoes effect results. Especially in work situations, there’s a bothering heirarchy. The person at the top bothers others to ensure that he/she won’t be bothered. I’m ready to be at the top of the heirarchy. I’m no longer willing to be bothered for the convenience of others. I want to post my property with “No Bothering” signs. I want to cultivate an “I can’t be bothered” attitude. I want to wear to wear a pin declaring “I won’t be bothered.”
I came close to giving up a job last week to decrease the level of bothering in my life. I probably need to be my own boss. Perhaps I should brand myself as the Bother Buster. I’ll teach people how to be so bitchy no one will bother them. And then the bitchiness, which was simply a tool, can be laid aside and unfettered, peaceful, joyful living can begin.
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